SEO Link Building Essentials

What Is Link Building?

Google rankings are powered by backlinks making link building the most important activity for attracting organic search engine web traffic.

A back-link is a hyperlink from a page of web content to another page.

Link Building Options:

There are several ways of link building, totally 100% natural (build it and they will come), manual created backlinks, automated link building and paid backlinks.

1. Wait For Natural Links

This is what Google want you to do. Just write some awesome content and sit back. In no time at all people will find your content and consider it so useful to their readers that they will link to it from within their content, referencing you as the best place to find detailed information about xyz.

…… but……..

Real life doesn’t actually work like that. In real life, if someone wants to reference useful content, they look on Google (so they can be confident that they are linking to Google friendly sources) and link to one of the top ranking results, cementing their position by providing another relevant link to an already dominant website.

Meanwhile your site will never get found because it’s on page 28 of Google listings, so will never attract any organic links at all.

It’s a harsh truth that only top ranking websites ever attract natural links.

2. Manually Created Backlinks

To get found so people can link to your content you need to rank well, which means that you need to build some links manually first.

These links will give your page the springboard it needs to rank well and then you will be findable and other webmasters will reference your content, further supporting your strong rankings.

Criteria for manual link building:

  • Google Friendly Sites
  • Do Follow Links
  • 90% URL, Brand & Company name Link ¬†Anchor Text
  • Link Content Relevance
  • Link Category Relevance
  • Unique IP Addresses
  • Trust & Authority Scores
  • Non Orphan Pages

In short, your back links need to come from sites that are indexed in Google already, that have backlinks of their own (not orphan pages), that carry trust, authority and link category relevance, that are not a part of a linking network & that come from different IP addresses.

Additionally, they should predominantly be “dofollow” rather than “nofollow” links using naturalised anchor text ( different variations of your URL< Brand and Company Name) as well as junk links, empty links, and very few exact match anchor text links.

Exact match anchors only highlight the keywords you are targeting and will lead to you ranking less well for those terms. Instead, use long tail phrases in your anchor text that contain the exact match term. This will give your link profile the relevance it needs without over optimizing your links.

Automated Link Building Networks


If you can find a link network to sign up with then Google will know about it too. While the network may not be penalised yet and may still be providing a positive effect for the sites it links to, in all likelihood it is on a Google list of networks in a queue to be manually reviewed.

When it is subjected to review, the link network will be penalised and all the sites that it links to will also face a manual penalty.

While it might be a tempting shortcut to sign up to a link building network, it is a short term strategy that WILL harm your site in the longer term.

Our advice is to avoid any automated link building software because the quality of the backlinks that you receive will always be of lower quality that manually created high quality links. If you need some great links but aren’t sure how to build them correctly, will build custom top quality back-links for you, to increase your search visibility.

Buying Paid Links

There are several levels of paid link building, from pages that are covered in Ads offering a paid link through to high quality pages with no obvious paid link references.

You should avoid any page that includes references to being able to buy a link on it as it is far too easy for Google to algorithmically devalue these pages and even penalise sites that are linked to.

Instead, hunt out paid link providers that build truly organic looking links for you on natural looking web pages. (try

There is very little chance of being caught buying links if they are created on pages that are not obvious link selling pages.

Link Building Tips

As part of your long term strategy, you need to get some good Google rankings before you will ever begin to attract the totally natural reference links that can and will grow completely naturally once you can be found on the first page of google listings.

Some judiciously bought contextual links on high quality pages, will give your content the authority and trust that it needs to get started on the road to popularity.