How To Give Up Smoking

How to Quit Smoking

Giving up smoking can seem like the hardest challenge in the entire world when you are trying to quit. You might have tried before. You might have had mixed success. The trouble is that the nicotine always seems to drag you back onto the path of smoking.

Even if you haven’t been smoking for very long it can be really tough to kick the habit. However, it is really worth it and for the sake of both yourself and Continue reading “How To Give Up Smoking”

Online Shopping With Peace Of Mind

Online Shopping With Peace Of Mind

Shopping online is becoming almost a second nature to many of us, and for obvious reasons. It is easy, convenient, and we can fit it in to many different parts of the day, where physically visiting shops just would not work.

Because shopping online is so commonplace, it is becoming easy to forget about the need for online security, but considering that around three quarters of the population have used their computer to buy something, therefore put their financial details online, it’s hardly surprising that there is a Continue reading “Online Shopping With Peace Of Mind”

How We Dispose Of The UK’s Rubbish

Where Does Your Rubbish Go?

The connection between domestic central heating and house-hold rubbish bins seems a little tenuous to say the least, but nonetheless, it is there.

Before the soaring popularity of central heating, most homes were warmed by living fires. They burnt coal or wood and also pretty much anything else flammable that was considered rubbish.

This meant that the rubbish bins often had no more than ash to be disposed of. As the 1960’s turned into the ‘70’s, central heating became a must have.

Cheap natural gas helped the changes that saw the end of the majority of open fires in people’s houses, and Continue reading “How We Dispose Of The UK’s Rubbish”

SEO Link Building Essentials

What Is Link Building?

Google rankings are powered by backlinks making link building the most important activity for attracting organic search engine web traffic.

A back-link is a hyperlink from a page of web content to another page.

Link Building Options:

There are several ways of link building, totally 100% natural (build it and they will come), manual created backlinks, automated link building and Continue reading “SEO Link Building Essentials”

Drugs, Driving & Drugalyser Roadside Testing

Driving, Drugs and the New Drugalyser

Introduced to the UK in 2015 the drugaliser has come up with some rather startling results. Its use by some police forces has been slow on the uptake, probably because of its cost.

A breathalyser kit can take a sample and give the result for less than 20 pence, the drug analyser equivalent it is reckoned, costs around £18.00 to administer.

The most common drugs found among drivers have been cannabis and cocaine, which, unlike Continue reading “Drugs, Driving & Drugalyser Roadside Testing”